dinsdag 26 juli 2011

Sumi with Haiku

Calligaphy by Elene Divina living in Swiss

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  1. Dear Elena,
    Can you give a little explanation about the haiku ?
    I think the signs are soooo sweet.

  2. 'The bright moon shines between the pines,
    the clear spring runs over the rocks'
    They are two lines of a Wang Wei's poem
    with a wonderful title: Autumn sunset on a montain village. The writing-art is very old,
    it dates back to the times when brushes weren't invented yet and people did carve on wood, bone or stone (but also on turtle carapace).
    To be honest... I should have written it much better, more carefully. I hope my calligraphy teacher doesn't see it: he would faint with horror! I didn't know it was supposed to be posted. ;-)

  3. Wonderful!!!
    How can I add frames on pictures?

  4. I used Corel Draw-programm. Easier is to put a passe partout over the picture and make a photograph of it.


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