zondag 24 juli 2011

Casualities are good!

Sometimes when one is working on doing Paste Papers, one can find that casualities produce better results than those who one have planned in the final work...

This model I present to you today was done absolutely by casual things... It appears like metal rings are holding fibers...

Well this result I've obtained after covered the paper with pink paste, then with a medium brush I put green paste, obtaining in this way a brown-grey color with matices of pink and green... Finally with a comb I've done the arcs, but I do not wanted to do them exactly as they resulted (my original idea was to do ondulated lines), by the way finally I decided to not discard the work, and put it to dry... a few moment later I returned to understand better the result and only then I noticed the effect of rings holding fibers... Hope you enjoy this paper...

Salvatore Valentino

3 opmerkingen:

  1. hi Salvatore,
    nice to see your work here !

  2. thank you Elsje for your invitation! for me is a pleasure to participate in this weonderful blog!

  3. What a nice result! I like this paper!


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