vrijdag 28 januari 2011

Motivs, Elsje van der Ploeg, Holland

Sumi-ebru combination, Elsje van der Ploeg, Holland

1 st Try out sumi-ebru combination:   Ink on water, like sumi
drawing like ebru, combi with knowledge of marbling

 special are "chinese taps" = stamps with chinese characters

 colors look light but not transparant

vague, indistinct : not bright

woensdag 19 januari 2011

Jump, Papier von Hilli Zenz, Deutschland

Modell JUMP von Hans-Werner Guth,
Papier von Elsje van der Ploeg
gefaltet von Hilli

Kleister in combination with calligraphy, Elena Divina, Switserland

Kleister (detail)

 Kleister in combination with calligraphy.

The arab word 'thank you' (shukra:an) written once,

with black China ink inside the big 'thank you' 
there is name Elena several times

 by Elena Divina (Swiss)